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Keeping Track: Web 2.0 makes it simple, doesn’t it?

by David Brewster on May 1, 2007

in Technology

Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks!

I’m a big fan of Web 2.0. The endless possibilities of all the new toys – blogs, podcasts, video, rss, etc., etc., – available to us fascinate me. The democratic nature of the ‘people power’ nature of Web 2.0 appeals to me. There are enormous possibilities for business too, though I don’t think they’ve been tapped yet.

But I have one concern: I can’t keep up. Seems like every day I stumble across yet another tool. If it isn’t a blog tracking tool like Technorati,¬† it’s a blog comment tracking tool like coComment. If it’s not a bookmarking tool like Digg, it’s a bookmarking tool for bookmarking like Add This. The image in this post¬† shows just how far things have come. Each tool seems to be unique in its own way. It all gets a bit confusing and hard to sort through!

Do you use any of these tools and, if so, which ones do you find particularly useful?

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